Leave Digital
Artifacts Anywhere

Mvrals store digital artifacts that people who interact with them decide to leave. Connect to them through our app, and add your own artifacts for others to view.

Our goal is to preserve and share
memories with those nearby


The digital artifacts are stored and accessible at locations where a Mvral is present. In order to view and contribute, visit a location containing one.


Mvral stores digital artifacts indefinitely*, allowing for you to see them years down the line. Physical artifacts fade over time, Mvral artifacts are immortalized.

Share Your

Mvral gives you the opportunity to share your insight with those around and passing by the location.

Here's how it works



Locate Nearby

Find or get a personal Mvral. It hosts content that’s specific to your location, posted by passersby just like you.


Connect To
A Mvral

After downloading the app, you can connect to a nearby Mvral device to view and post digital artifacts of your own.



View and Post
Digital Artifacts

Once connected, navigate to the feed page to view and leave your own artifacts to the Mvral. You’ll get to see what has happened from the people who have been there.


Mvral is still under development hence you’d be an early adopter to the product. For that reason we’ll need your email info to send you a url to download the beta version of our app. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll request a list of others you may want to share the app with to add them to the list of testers.

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